“It all went straight from here.” The history of the straightening iron.

Just when I thought the straightening and curling irons were damaging enough as modern technologies, I was truly surprised at the reality that ancient methods of heating were even more dangerous and almost ridiculous.

So lets go back to where it all started.

In ancient Egypt, for example long straight hair was a popular mark of feminism and beauty. This hairstyle was achieved by heating flat iron plates over a fire and running it over the hair until it was smooth. This method would cause sever burns to both the head and hands. I know what you’re all thinking, OUCH! I though it was painful enough accidently touching the straightener plates, but it doesn’t even compare. They continued doing it, well I guess it’s true when they say beauty is pain, but does it have to be, especially today. Soon after the introduced tong shaped equipment to make the process easier and prevent danger.

It was during the mid 1900s that the iron was more than just for clothes but for hair. Yes, even I remember doing this as a teenager before I got my straightener, I would lay my head as best I could on the ironing board, I would cover it with a thin cotton cloth and mum would iron gently over it until my hair was straight.

After using the straightener I think about how much effort I used to put in it. That was the simplest and most widely accepted hairstyle. Its no surprise it still is.


2 thoughts on ““It all went straight from here.” The history of the straightening iron.

  1. WOW! I had no idea that straightening hair when all the way back to ancient Egypt! then again they did also wear eyeliner so it shouldn’t surprise me! I really love this campaign idea, I have three sisters and we all use to fight over who gets to use the hair straightener first and how long we get to use it for. That what until I embraced my natural hair (mainly because i have thick hair and it takes too long to straighten) but one of my older sisters has continually straightened her hair everyday for years and it is so damaged now it feels like straw! I think more girls need to know just how damaging straightening their hair can be and how its effects are more often than not long term and cant be fixed without having to cut all your hair off altogether!


    • Yes, I felt the same way when I was conducting my research. Tell me about it, mum and my sister both have shorter hair than me and the would take forever with the straightener. I totally agree with the fact that if we actually take care of our hair and style it naturally, it will keep looking healthy for longer. I will also upload some styling tips that don’t involve straightening, hopefully you and your sisters will find them useful.

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