Argan oil. Hair cares simplest and best-kept secret.

For those who are still grossed out with having egg and avocado in their hair, don’t worry; I’ve got a solution that won’t leave your fridge or pantry empty. Although I personally love the banana and avocado mix, I must admit preparation takes a fair bit of time, especially for those of us who have long hair. I have found a quick and effective solution to the most common problems caused by constant straightening. It’s probably hiding in one of your shampoos and conditioners. Argan oil! Yes majority of you have probably seen that before and never really questioned its benefits, but since it’s in your conditioner it must be good right? Well its not. It’s great!

With a pleasant nutty smell and a non- greasy feel, I was impressed to see some immediate results from this underrated product.

photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3-3

With a miracle softness and anti- frizz effect, it is definitely a stand out compared to standard other frizz-free products that often leave hair looking and feeling oily. The best thing about argon oil is its versatility. It solves almost all of your damaged hair problems, it serves as;

  • Pre straightening protection
  • Overnight hair mask
  • Daily nourishment to restore the nutrients and strengthen dry hair
  • Treats split ends

What more could you want? An affordable non-greasy all natural product that enriches your hair. Go tell your girlfriends about it, they will love you for it. When your hair looks and feels good, so do you.

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3 thoughts on “Argan oil. Hair cares simplest and best-kept secret.

  1. Argan oil is amazing! I had really dead hair after dyeing, bleaching and occassonally straightening it. My hair was in desperate need of help. My friend recommended Argan oil and my hair has never been better!


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