What your hair says about you!

Being a girl, I am often overtly conscious about how other young girls and women have styled their hair. I am constantly admiring the unique colours, and textures. Weirdly it’s where I find my inspiration, and mentally critique it and best of all learn from some common mistakes and popular styles.

Just like anything in today’s society, it has a long intertwined relationship with history and culture, and why should the topic of hair be any different. The style, length and colour used to be a symbol for social status such as Britain, Greece, Egypt and China. Long hair was a symbol of femininity and short hair was strictly for males. It was, and still is a crucial accessory.

It’s without a doubt that your hair is almost intrinsic to your personality; that is it speaks for itself and sometimes on behalf of you. But not every cliché of girls with curly hair have wild personalities and those with short hair are tough and those with long hair embody the typical girly girl personality.
To all those who still think these stereotypes apply. You’re wrong, so wrong. A women’s hair is one of her most prized assets. It boosts confidence (at times), it’s your best friend (at times) and it’s a hug part of your identity. It also doesn’t look this good out with out hard work and costly maintenance. Majority of the time it pays off.

A lot of thought is put into how we wear our hair, but sometimes, I highly doubt a lot of girls think this is how I’m doing my hair so I can be perceived in this certain way. It is a part of our identity, some more than others. Wether your hair is in a ponytail or a bun, blonde or brunette, long or short, or sleeked back, embrace it.

Have as read of this article, it’s a compilation of the most common opinions others have about women’s hair. How many of you can relate?

These are definitely just what they are stereotypes; although many can relate to them they are not the defining factor of ones personality.


Image: http://www.makeup.com/wpcontent/uploads/2014/05/WhatYourHaircutSaysAboutYou.jpg


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