How to straighten without heat

Here it is girls, your saving grace. (Well almost.) We are all aware of the immense empowerment YouTube gives us but how many of us actually make use of it as a learning tool rather than purely for entertainment purposes. After being consumed in hours of interesting and educational videos about natural hair care and styling tips that don’t require heat I really wanted to share these videos with you. All the work can be done while you’re asleep, or even doing the house- work.


The procedure in this video can take up to a few hours to show results depending on the thickness of your hair.Tip: Try it on a family member or friend, to get the hang of it before trying it on your own hair.


Forget the old fashioned time consuming rollers and be inspired by this tutorial for those of us who have nice curls, but unfortunately they don’t always sit right, and after failed attempts with the curling iron we revert back to straightening. So this is a great video that provides easy tips and tools to help with the heat free styling that will surely make you look and feel great.


These are great imitations of runway hairstyles that can be done when your hair is out of control and needs a wash. These unique styles will hide the frizz.

So if your looking for a natural look to either accentuate your curls or flatten the uneven waves, check out these videos and many more that are available. So much appreciation and thanks goes out to these professionals who are helping out amateurs like, myself on how to get salon quality styles without further damaging my precious hair.


One thought on “How to straighten without heat

  1. This is so great, thank you! YouTube is such a great resource but sometimes you just don’t know how to find useful tutorials. Your compilation of videos is so good, they’re definitely useful!


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