The last strand

I sincerely hope each and every one you reading this blog have been somehow inspired, informed and put at ease with some of the advice and tips I have provided. My initial aim was to raise awareness about the long and short -term damage hair styling can have, in order to promote and encourage women of all ages to reconsider the strain there hair goes through on a daily basis. Also due to the fact that its one of our most favourite and sometimes temperamental accessory we should embrace it naturally because we should learn to appreciate it and use it as a form of positive self expression.
Something I constantly think about to motivate me to steer away from the need to straighten my hair is to save it for an occasion. I know it might sound old fashioned, but think about it, your hair will be healthier; you will look good and feel great.

If you take anything from this make sure it’s that
– I don’t expect you to never straighten your hair again, because that is unreasonable and impossible
– You use anti heat sprays when you can
– You give your hair a rest, try wearing it naturally more often
– You reduce hair exposure to heat styling by eliminating one day a week (that will make a huge difference, trust me)

hair meme


Like many other girls with curly hair, i think its fair to say that we have a unique love/ hate relationship with it. The days when it dries up nicely, the curls are well proportioned and bouncy, and other days it’s out of control.

But girls with naturally straight hair have their own problems too. It’s really hard to style and curl their hair.

Throughout this campaign I myself have learnt new things in relation to the main reasons why women straighten their hair. It could be to feel good, make it easier to style and the simple fact that it provides a confidence boost. There is nothing wrong with that.

Although straight hair will never go out of style and I indeed don’t intend on it to. I do however strive to raise awareness and hope that if a few young girls and women start using the straightener more wisely they will notice a significant difference in the condition of their hair, while teaching them to appreciate their natural style before it’s too late and the damage is irreversible.

Let me know what you thought about this blog. Your feedback is appreciated.


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