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I sincerely hope each and every one you reading this blog have been somehow inspired, informed and put at ease with some of the advice and tips I have provided. My initial aim was to raise awareness about the long and short -term damage hair styling can have, in order to promote and encourage women of all ages to reconsider the strain there hair goes through on a daily basis. Also due to the fact that its one of our most favourite and sometimes temperamental accessory we should embrace it naturally because we should learn to appreciate it and use it as a form of positive self expression.
Something I constantly think about to motivate me to steer away from the need to straighten my hair is to save it for an occasion. I know it might sound old fashioned, but think about it, your hair will be healthier; you will look good and feel great.

If you take anything from this make sure it’s that
– I don’t expect you to never straighten your hair again, because that is unreasonable and impossible
– You use anti heat sprays when you can
– You give your hair a rest, try wearing it naturally more often
– You reduce hair exposure to heat styling by eliminating one day a week (that will make a huge difference, trust me)

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Like many other girls with curly hair, i think its fair to say that we have a unique love/ hate relationship with it. The days when it dries up nicely, the curls are well proportioned and bouncy, and other days it’s out of control.

But girls with naturally straight hair have their own problems too. It’s really hard to style and curl their hair.

Throughout this campaign I myself have learnt new things in relation to the main reasons why women straighten their hair. It could be to feel good, make it easier to style and the simple fact that it provides a confidence boost. There is nothing wrong with that.

Although straight hair will never go out of style and I indeed don’t intend on it to. I do however strive to raise awareness and hope that if a few young girls and women start using the straightener more wisely they will notice a significant difference in the condition of their hair, while teaching them to appreciate their natural style before it’s too late and the damage is irreversible.

Let me know what you thought about this blog. Your feedback is appreciated.


Spot the signs

A lot of you might be reading this blog and thinking, why should I worry about my hair getting damaged. It still has volume, natural shine and it doesn’t frizz. Well lucky you, however although your hair might look and feel good when left naturally or styled the damaged will slowly appear over time and we should work towards avoiding that as much as we can.

There’s more to signs of damaged than fizziness and split ends, and the solution does not always have to involve scissors. So ladies this is what you should look out for and if you can relate to 4 or more, you should really consider your current hair care regime and have a read through my previous blogs on how you can change it for the better.

– Hair falling out
– Lack of moisture
– Tangles
– Overuse of chemicals such as hairspray and styling gel
– Constantly dying your hair
– Reduced elasticity
– Colour fading
– Stagnant and uneven growth


Woman Examining Split Ends

So wether you can relate to them or not its worth reading through my easily to follow tips of natural remedies to strengthen and repair mildly damaged hair.


The straightener is not the only one to blame

Majority of the time we are actually using these styling tools in a further more damaging way. The incorrect use can have significant side effects on not only our luscious locks but on ourselves. I can’t even count the number of times I have burnt my fingers or blistered the tip of my ear, trying to straighten every strand of hair perfectly. Or even left the straightener on and caused permanent damage to bed sheets and clothes. I still haven’t learnt my lesson. So I don’t want you girls to make the same mistakes.

Although straightening your hair is not rocket science you will be surprised at how many of us are doing it wrong. Here are a few tips to use these heating tools safely and get the most effective results with the least amount of damage.

  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly washed before hand
  • Hair should be completely dry. Preferably naturally dried to avoid using the blow dryer (when naturally drying hair do it from the tips to the roots)
  • Spray dry hair with anti heat spray
  • Look for a ceramic flat iron (cheaper products are not usually as effective as ceramic coating distributes heat evenly)
  • To get equal heat exposure, divide hair strands
  • Apply heat for no more than 15-20 seconds on each strand
  • Give it a few seconds to cool down before straightening the same strand
  • Leave and inch from the root from where you apply the straightener
  • Adjustable temperature is a plus, try keep it below 300



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Dry shampoo, its like hand sanitiser for your hair

Lets face it oily hair is inevitable. For so long it’s been associated with unhealthy or unhygienic hair. Little did we know it’s actually the opposite? It’s a natural part of the hair repairing process that our hair follicles and scalp go through. I hate it when my hair has dried nicely and when I attempt to wear it out and style it there is an unattractive gloss. Ahh! Why? I used to get extremely frustrated at this, until I did some research and realised that it’s completely normal.

I’ve mentioned this before but the recommended routine for washing your hair is 2-3 days a week, so basically let the oils out, it will restore natural hair chemicals and maintain shine and strength. But it doesn’t look good and it sure doesn’t feel good, you might say. This is why I am proud to introduce you to my new friend. Dry Shampoo.

About a year ago after my hairdresser got sick of my complaints; he recommended I try dry shampoo. Can I say it’s probably just as essential as having shampoo for me as I use it 2-3 times a week. The non- greasy and easy to use spray makes my hair feel smooth and dry, and the one I buy has a great smell too. It’s my favourite and the best thing is you get a free funky shower cap with it. Cheering!


Here are the top 3 causes of oily hair:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Constantly running your fingers through your hair
  • Brushing too often. This, strips out the oils towards the roots
  • Oil lubricates the hair and protects it. Finer hair gets oilier quicker because there is more exposure to natural chemicals in the air and bacteria of fingers through your hair
  • Lack of hydration

Scrubbing your hair in the shower too hard can increase oil production

The frizz frenzy. How to tame those frantic strands, for good

Blog 6: The frizz frenzy. How to tame those frantic strands, for good.

Lets face it, the worst part of trying to style your natural hair is having frizz. One of the most common reasons as to why people straighten their hair is to tame the fizziness, but it will actually cause more of it it in the long run. It’s a never- ending cycle, but I’m going to give you some hair friendly advice that is easy and affordable. These simple, yet valuable tips are sure to make you feel more confident to embrace your natural hair.

The firs thing you should do when working on your frizz is to adopt a regime for a few months. This well get the hair follicles used to the treatment and the results would be more consistent, long lasting and effective. I don’t want this to be something you dread doing because it takes forever and requires a long process, instead you will find that it involves a few changes to your daily hair routines, ones you will look forward to doing.

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below and if you have any other tips I might have missed don’t be shy to share. My favourite tip, and the one you will probably find the most bizarre is to actually wash you hair less. Yes I said less.

• Wash hair every second or third day: constantly washing your hair strips it of its natural oils which can cause it to become dry and frizzy
• Dry your hair gently by dampening the hair: Drying the hair in different directions won’t let the cuticle lie flat.
• Use a soak in conditioner weekly: this restores the hairs smoothness, after exposure to x=chemicals and changing weather
• Anti- frizz oils: these are great products that provide temporary smoothness
• When blow drying direct the heat down to keep the hair smooth
• Trim hair regularly (every 2-3 months)

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Argan oil. Hair cares simplest and best-kept secret.

For those who are still grossed out with having egg and avocado in their hair, don’t worry; I’ve got a solution that won’t leave your fridge or pantry empty. Although I personally love the banana and avocado mix, I must admit preparation takes a fair bit of time, especially for those of us who have long hair. I have found a quick and effective solution to the most common problems caused by constant straightening. It’s probably hiding in one of your shampoos and conditioners. Argan oil! Yes majority of you have probably seen that before and never really questioned its benefits, but since it’s in your conditioner it must be good right? Well its not. It’s great!

With a pleasant nutty smell and a non- greasy feel, I was impressed to see some immediate results from this underrated product.

photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3-3

With a miracle softness and anti- frizz effect, it is definitely a stand out compared to standard other frizz-free products that often leave hair looking and feeling oily. The best thing about argon oil is its versatility. It solves almost all of your damaged hair problems, it serves as;

  • Pre straightening protection
  • Overnight hair mask
  • Daily nourishment to restore the nutrients and strengthen dry hair
  • Treats split ends

What more could you want? An affordable non-greasy all natural product that enriches your hair. Go tell your girlfriends about it, they will love you for it. When your hair looks and feels good, so do you.

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Your stomach is not the only one that will love them, your hair will too!

Photo credit: Anissa
Photo credit: Anissa

These ingredients are not just delicious, they’re hair friendly too! This article outlines the most effective hair remedies that are quick and easy that can be found in everyone’s household.

SHINE: Egg, oil and mayonnaise
STRENGTH: Egg, beer
SPLIT-ENDS: Banana and avocado
DRYNESS: Egg, oil and honey

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