Your stomach is not the only one that will love them, your hair will too!

Photo credit: Anissa
Photo credit: Anissa

These ingredients are not just delicious, they’re hair friendly too! This article outlines the most effective hair remedies that are quick and easy that can be found in everyone’s household.

SHINE: Egg, oil and mayonnaise
STRENGTH: Egg, beer
SPLIT-ENDS: Banana and avocado
DRYNESS: Egg, oil and honey

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“It all went straight from here.” The history of the straightening iron.

Just when I thought the straightening and curling irons were damaging enough as modern technologies, I was truly surprised at the reality that ancient methods of heating were even more dangerous and almost ridiculous.

So lets go back to where it all started.

In ancient Egypt, for example long straight hair was a popular mark of feminism and beauty. This hairstyle was achieved by heating flat iron plates over a fire and running it over the hair until it was smooth. This method would cause sever burns to both the head and hands. I know what you’re all thinking, OUCH! I though it was painful enough accidently touching the straightener plates, but it doesn’t even compare. They continued doing it, well I guess it’s true when they say beauty is pain, but does it have to be, especially today. Soon after the introduced tong shaped equipment to make the process easier and prevent danger.

It was during the mid 1900s that the iron was more than just for clothes but for hair. Yes, even I remember doing this as a teenager before I got my straightener, I would lay my head as best I could on the ironing board, I would cover it with a thin cotton cloth and mum would iron gently over it until my hair was straight.

After using the straightener I think about how much effort I used to put in it. That was the simplest and most widely accepted hairstyle. Its no surprise it still is.

Hairs what I have to say. Its just the beginning.

It’s 6.30 am. The alarm rings, your hair’s a mess, you need to straighten it but you don’t have time and you don’t want to be running around the bedroom like a headless chook. So you walk out the door either leaving  your hair out or tying it into a messy bun. You feel ridiculous, and ordinary, but I’m here to tell you that its not that bad, really it’s okay to embrace your natural hair, its okay to give it a break from 300 degrees heat, that only makes you look like every other girl who’s thinking the same thing.

Theres this preconceived notion that only straight hair looks neat, attractive and acceptable in todays society, some girls don’t even leave the house unless their hair is straightened or styled in some way. Little do we know how dangerous this extreme heat exposure is in both the short and long term. Those with natural curls will slowly loose their volume and those with wavy hair will be tearing at their split ends till their next hair cut. Thats the thing the more damaged your hair gets the shorter you have to cut it, then you put extensions because you want to feel more feminine and the extensions tear your hair when your take them out.

We can’t win, but we can straighten things out for all the females out there, lets change the way we think about and style our hair.